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Goat Secret is a blend of specific proteins and energy sources designed to enhance muscle firmness while aiding in the development and increase in volume and definition to muscle.

Goat Secret is an all natural product that contains NO meat or animal proteins and will not leave any residues. This “protein powder” enhances an animal’s appetite while providing proteins and energy that allows an animal to feel firm and hard to the touch. Even the coarsest haired coats will develop a rich deep luster to their coats after a few weeks on Goat Secret. For best results feed at least 30 days out from show, can be fed the entire feed period.

Feed ounce twice daily to goats at beginning of feed period,
last 45 days increase to 1 ounce twice daily.
Goat Secret may be fed to all weight classes of goats.
Goat Secret can be wet after being put on feed to increase
intake from animal.

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5# Goat Secret

Secret Shake for goats is a combination of easily digested proteins, sprayed dried egg product, amino acids, carbohydrates and electrolytes in a HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE palatable form.

—Feeding directions—
Can be fed as the sole ration for three days at 12 ounces
secret shake powder per goat per day to pull weight without
losing shape and bloom. Secret shake for goats can refresh and
keeo tiyr goat strong after weekends of showing your goat or while attending your fair when fed at the rate of the 3 ounces on top of your normal ration and then dampened or used as a drench.

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3# Secret Shake


20# Goat Secret


Bloom-N-Secret is an easy to use show day paste that is given before your show or sale to add bloom and definition.
Bloom-N-Secret has a specific blend of amino acids and secret ingredients that help explode and expand the muscle of your show animal and give them a fresh appearance. Compare to other products on the market and you will always come back to Bloom-N-Secret as it has more of the active ingredient and works better and is convenient to use.

Bloom-N-Secret can be used on Lambs, Goats and Pigs, and it can be given up to 3 days consecutively with no adverse effects. Bloom-N-Secret can be given to any age or weight animals and results will last up to 12 hours after initial 10-12 hours.

Bloom-N-Secret may be purchased in a convenient single tube.


Give entire tube (80cc) to the goat 14-16 hours out
from show along with 18-22 ounces of water.
This may be mixed together and drenched or given separately.
More water may be given in small increments before showing.

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single 80 cc tube


Top Secret Electrolytes are the new generation of electrolytes for show animals. It can be fed dry as a top dress or mixed with water and given free choice or drenched. Testing has proven the benefits of ingredients it contains. When mixed with water, let the mixture sit for a few minutes and thicken, this allows for a slower rate of passage and allows for more time for proper digestion of feed.

Top Secret electrolytes help animals on restricted feed feel fuller and more satisfied. The electrolytes also stabilize the pH level
of the stomach allowing an animal to stay on feed and water without becoming soured stomached.

Top Secret electrolytes cause rapid cellular hydration and have longer lasting effects because of added protein sources. This super hydration of muscle fibers is temporary, but dramatic in appearance. After a short time, the body will equalize the
hydration to normal levels with NO harmful side effects to the animal.

Top Secret electrolytes help increase the absorption of nutrients as well as a reduction of harmful bacteria in the gut. Animals have proven to be more tolerant to heat stress and seem more resilient to feed manipulation around shows.

Safe to use on all classes of show animals and works great will all Final Secret Protein powders, Secret Developer and

Dry Top Dress: feed 1-2 ounce(s) twice daily.

Wet Feeding: feed 1-2 ounces two times daily on top of feed
then wet feed. In water, mix 1-2 ounce(s) in 6-8 ounces of water
then give to the animal two times per day.
Will create a gel is allowed to set for a few minutes
(shake product well before giving to animal after mixture gels).

As A Show Prep: use 5-7 days out from the show.
Can be mixed at a stronger rate or mixed at the rate of 4 ounces
to a gallon of water for a water alternative.

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5# Top Secret Electrolytes


40# Top Secret Electrolytes


Secret Muscle Developer is designed to maximize the animal’s ability to build and maintain lean muscle while decreasing overall body fat. When fed with Final Secret protein powders, this exclusive formula combines natural, drug free, muscle building properties of gamma oryzanol with specific bio-available amino acids to produce results like no other combination of muscle building products on the market today.

Secret Muscle Developer combines several purposes, including reducing lactic acid buildup, preventing “tying up”, increasing stamina, improving oxygen uptake in the bloodstream, and most importantly, forming new lean muscle tissue.

You will find Secret Muscle Developer to be the most effective drug-free, test-free muscle-building supplement available. If an alternative to “Beta Agonists” (paylean type products) is what you are looking to find; try Secret Muscle Developer for a natural approach to lean muscle growth and freedom from soundness problems.

It can be fed to all species, all ages and works great!


Feed 1 ounce twice daily to animals at least
45 days out from show.

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5# Secret Muscle Developer


40# Secret Muscle Developer


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